Car Removal Palmerston North

The Quickest Way to Sell your Car in Palmerston North!

If we said you could sell your unwanted car in a day in Palmerston North, would you believe it? What if we said you could sell your unwanted car without ever leaving home, having it picked up and paid for within hours? All without having to list it or fill out any paperwork. Sounds amazing, right?

Car Removal Palmerston North

We are your top used car buyer in the Palmerston North and have been an industry leader for years. We make selling your new, used, and junk car easy and fast.

We Buy Cars Running Or Not

We accept cars in just about every condition you could think of! Here are some common types of cars we buy in places like Palmerston North:

  • Junk cars that won’t start
  • Damaged cars that have been in accidents
  • Cars with water or swamp damage
  • Cars in good shape
  • Every year, model, and make of car you can think of!

Even if a car type or condition isn’t listed here, just call us and ask. If you are looking to get cash for Car Removal Palmerston North, look no further! We can take the old, unstartable car you have sitting around and turn it into cold, hard cash!

How much cash will I get when I sell my car?

Each jwreck car is unique, but the quickest way to find out what your vehicle is worth is to answer a few simple questions for our online pricing tool and get a quote in 10 minutes or less. There’s no obligation to sell, so you’re free to shop around local junkyards—but why waste the time when an instant offer is just a few clicks away?

We care about our Palmerston North customers.

  • We believe selling your car for cash in Palmerston North should not be a hassle for you. 
  • Our business prides itself in making the process of selling your car in Palmerston North as easy and convenient as possible. 
  • We provide a full, seamless service, removing your junk car or cash for truck from any location near Palmerston North at no cost and offering you the highest rates.

All quotes given over the phone are guaranteed, so you don’t have to grapple with estimates or miss out on a price. We provide the best in customer service for our clients. Speak with one of our friendly team members and quickly find out what you can be paid today.

Our online and phone services are open 24/7!

Complete our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.

Our auto wrecking facilities in New Zealand:

Car Removal Feilding

Instant Cash for Cars by Feilding’s Top Car Removal Service

Is it time you finally got rid of your unwanted car or truck? Thanks to WELLY Wreckers, you don’t have to pay a cent: we’ll collect it from anywhere in Manawatu District, as well as pay you ‘Instant Cash for Cars’ on the spot. You see, as an established Auto Wreckers company, we see value in all kinds of vehicles – even the ones that are ‘unsellable’. Whether you own a used car or a wrecked car, contact Welly Wreckers today and sell it for an impressive Cash for Junk Cars deal.

Car Removal Feilding


When You Choose Welly Wreckers. Here’s How:

Welly Wreckers lets you get rid of your unwanted vehicle with a Free Car Removal Feilding service available Manawatu wide. But what’s even more beneficial than ‘free’? You get paid up to $9,999 Instant Cash for Junk Cars! We accept all vehicle conditions, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t Sell Your scrap Car to us.

Every day we buy vehicles from a range of conditions including:

  • Junk Cars
  • Wrecked Cars
  • Accident Cars
  • Salvage Cars
  • Engine-Failure Cars
  • Mechanical Fault Cars
  • Old Cars
  • Unwanted Cars
  • Used Cars
  • Written-Off Cars
  • No Longer WOF Cars
  • Hail Damaged Cars
  • Scrap Cars

We’re So Quick, You Can Receive Our Free Car Removal Feilding Service on Your Lunch Break

Time is money as they say, and Welly Wreckers provide Feilding’s most prompt Car Removal service. Nobody wants a prolonged Car Collection, so we can have your Unwanted Car removed in minutes. Our service is available Manawatu District and is provided by the industry’s master Car Removal Feilding Experts.

We can easily collect all types of vehicles including:

  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Caravans
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Worksite Equipment
  • Motorhomes
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • 4WDs
  • Utes
  • Jeeps
  • Lorries

Our Auto Recycling Service Is Environmentally Sustainable Way to Dispose of Your Scrap Vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, end of life cars are one of the major contributors to pollution in New Zealand, with over 100,000 being taken off the road each year. Our Wellington Car Wrecking facility ensures that cars are disposed of in an eco-friendly waste, avoiding the nasty effects of leaving your car at a landfill. The best part? You get paid in the process!

Some of the most valuable parts in your Junk Car may include:

  • Bumpers
  • Panels
  • Battery
  • Gearbox
  • Doors
  • Starter Motor
  • Tyres
  • Rims
  • Wheels
  • Engine Components
  • Scrap Metals

Get Cash for Junk Cars in Feilding the Same Day You Call Us

With the industry’s top-tier Car Removal Experts located throughout Wellington and Manawatu, we’re always nearby to give you the service you need at any moment. The first step is to contact us for a Free Car Valuation, which we can provide in minutes, based on your vehicle’s details. Next, after accepting our offer, book your appointment with us where we’ll pay you and collect your car free of charge.

Are you interested in learning more?

We work with hundreds of Feilding residents. If you’d like to learn more and obtain a no-hassle quote for your vehicle, call one of our customer service representatives at 0800 429 227 or complete our online form below. If you decide to move forward with the process, remember that we offer to tow your vehicle at absolutely NO cost to you, and we can get cash in your hands often within 24-hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Free Cash Quote

    Just fill out the form and find out how much cash you can get! Or call us on...

    0272 647 447 - 0800 429 227

    Towing and Scrap Removal Guide in Wellington

    Welly Towing and Scrap Car Removal is Now Partner with Taha Auto Wreckers

     Towing and Scrap Removal Guide in Wellington



    • Keep your car details ready: To get the quote for your car, junk car removal companies need the year, make, model, mileage and detailed condition of your car. If you have a photo to send them you will get a more precise quote.
    • Call a junkyard or auto recycler nearby and get a quote: By a quick search like “scrap car removal”, “junk car removal near me” or “scrap my car”, you can find several junkyards near you. Give them a call and compare the quotation with a fair price. Make sure there are no hidden fees and they tow your car for free.
    • Schedule a time for pick-up: Set up a time to pick-up your car. Make sure you to get a written confirmation of the time and place.
    • Remove all your belongings and prepare for pick-up: Make sure you take out your personal belongings and keep all the documents ready.


    We can help you out to remove the car, regardless of the condition, time and place. Simply give us a call to get the best quote for you unwanted car in the market today.

    We are Wellington’s leading Scrap Car Removal. Over 20 years of experience in scrapping junk cars in GREATER WELLINGTON AREA. We have the right equipment and trained drivers to remove all types of broken, damaged, old, junk, or scrap cars regardless of the condition of the vehicle.

    Get $300-$9000 for all types of car models and car manufacturer.

    We are offering 10% more cash than competition.

    • Free pick-up of scrap car anywhere in Wellington region
    • Same day removal of unwanted car
    • Cash on spot
    • 24/7 towing and scrap car removal services.
    • Best price guaranteed

    Towing and Scrap Removal Guide in Wellington

    Need to remove your old junk car?

    If you are looking for how to scrap your car, we can help. No matter where you are located in or around Wellington, we can come and remove your car for free. Scrap your car with us, Wellington car wreckers pays cash for cars in the spot with a free towing service. We remove the junk vehicle even if it doesn’t run. Many people find themselves with one or many old vehicles on their plots of land and want them removed, or they want to clean off the land that they have. Whatever the case, having a company to help you remove the vehicles is essential. We promise to take care of everything. From towing the car to dismantling, to deregistration and recycling.

    Are you in trouble with the local laws and ordinances for your neighborhood? Do they say that you need to remove one or many of the vehicles you have in your yard or on your property? Do you want a cleaner, better looking yard overall? Call us now!

    2021 Car Removal Services in Wellington Region

    2021 Guide to Wellington Car Removal Towing Services

    Sell Your Vehicle Running or Not to Auto Wreckers

    You see your vehicle sitting in your drive way/garage. You have had this car for sometime now. So what do you do when you don’t have the money to buy a new car, and you are sure no one is going to want your “unwanted” car? Well the answer is simple, with Welly wreckers they will pay top dollar, cash for cars anywhere in Wellington region.

    There are several different car removal companies out there that claim to pay cash for junk cars, but the bottom line, they all may offer the same solutions, but the question remains, do they offer the same safe, reliable and earth friendly auto recycling of the scrap vehicles that they claim to dismantle?

    2021 Car Removal Services in Wellington Region

    Selling an Unwanted Vehicle with our Company isn’t very Difficult

    1. Call us at 0800 429 227 or Submit the necessary form on our website.
    2. Wait for the offer from one of our agents. If you’re pleased with the deal, then go on to step 3
    3. Settle a time for the company to come to your location and finalize the deal
    4. Receive the payment at the time of the vehicle tow.

    Wellington Scrap Car Removal and Haul Away

    Junk vehicles may cause homeowners a fine in some Wellington locations which accumulate quickly. In this case you won’t only be making a little extra money from selling your automobile but additionally save money from not paying future fines. Your next-door neighbors can also appreciate a cleaner front yard or drive way if your automobile hasn’t moved in a while and looks incredibly run down.

    Remember we don’t discriminate when it comes to cars. We pay cash for damaged cars, junk cars, non-running cars and essentially any car you can think of. So, what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and give us a call at 0800 429 227! Let us professionals handle the removal of your junk vehicle.

    Good reasons to Sell Your Unwanted Vehicle

    It isn’t really worth the difficulty selling on your own: You will be negotiating with a few prospective car buyers for several hundred dollars or so. It’s a lot easier having somebody tow it and getting the check in the mail. Trouble-free.

    1. Space; Trying to keep a old car or junk truck occupies space. You should get rid of it to make more space for any other objects or purposes. Is that neighbor nagging you to get rid of your car? Well, now you’ve got your solution just call us!
    2. Cut-down on costs: Trying to keep a junk vehicle cost cash since you have to keep it. What’s irritating is that you are investing in something you don’t and can’t make use of anymore. Getting rid of a junk vehicle is a smart way to save dollars during this time of economic recession.
    3. Additional Cash: During these difficult times, everyone could use some extra funding. The possibilities are you might obtain a couple of hundred dollars for unwanted vehicle.

    Companies that Pick up Used Cars in Wellington

    We offer best solution for your scrap car. If your car is complete and maybe had severe accident or needs new engine, or just repairing it does not make sense, but all parts are still there, you could potentially receive $300-$1200 if you take it to car wreckers in Wellington. Call us to arrange towing and removal of your junk car in Wellington Area. With one phone call you will save valuable time and avoid headaches of dealing junkyard to find who is willing to accept your salvage car in particular condition.

    Sell Diesel Vehicle to Wellington Wreckers

    Selling Diesel Vehicle to Auto Wreckers in Wellington

    At Wellington car wreckers, we specialize in the processing of scrap cars for recycling purposes. Our Junk Yard in Lower Hutt is well-equipped to separate, sort and bale all types of recyclable diesel vehicles, including cars, vans, motorhomes, trucks and much more.

    Unlike many other car wreckers yards, we strive to provide a fast, friendly service to our valued customers, ensuring they’re treated right and receive fair prices for all scrap cars. We also try to be both professional and efficient while paying the highest prices possible for scrap trucks. To prove that Welly wreckers is the best in the industry, our Sell Diesel Vehicle to Wellington Wreckers team of highly trained specialists will provide you with an honest business relationship.

    Sell Diesel Vehicle to Wellington Wreckers

    Sell Diesel Vehicle to Wellington Wreckers. You have come to the right place where you can sell your 4×4 easily with our fast cash for 4×4 & Diesel wreckers service. Don’t worry if your old Diesel 4×4 is not drivable. Welly Wreckers will still pay you the best price possible anywhere in Wellington region. Top cash for 4×4, pick up, removal and paperwork is completed by our Sell Diesel Vehicle to Wellington Wreckers team. You’ll not get charge for any of our service. Get a quote now by calling to our Sell Diesel Vehicle to Wellington Wreckers on 0800 429 227. We are one call away from buying and wrecking your diesel car. Get a quote, get cash for diesel vehicles and get it removed on the same day with our speedy car removal service.


    At Welly wreckers, we can pick up and accept all diesel vehicle makes and models regardless of their age or condition. Whether it’s an old car from the 80s or a rusted utility vehicle that’s been exposed to the weather for too long, we can remove it from your property and provide you with a fair price that reflects its current value.

    Trucks and vans can be especially hard to find a car removal company to come and tow your vehicle, and even if they are ready to do the service, they might incur extra charges. At Welly wreckers, our trucks and vans removal are always done at utterly no cost to our customers and always pay instant cash of up to $9000 in your pockets. We accept any condition trucks and van and always pay cash.

    Welly wreckers are specialized in heavy truck, bus and heavy equipment salvage. We have the largest range of truck parts in Wellington, wrecking all makes and models. Diesel engines, gearboxes, diffs and many more truck parts. We buy and sell heavy trucks and sell used parts. Our truck wreckers is the best in the business, using only the best and most advanced techniques and machineries to dismantle and for the proper disposal of diesel vehicle. With our truck wrecking system, there isn’t a vehicle we can’t get the absolute most value from.


    If you’re looking to Sell Diesel Vehicle to Wellington Wreckers, look no further than Welly wreckers. Come down to our full service indoor scrap car yard Lower Hutt to get money for your scrap, or call us on 0800 429 227 to schedule a full service mobile scrap diesel car pickup.

    Junk Cars Whitby

    Junk Your Car and Get Paid Cash in Whitby, Porirua

    Do you have Junk Cars Whitby that you don’t need? Maybe you just purchased a new car and are undecided on what to do with the older one.

    If you live in the Whitby area, selling a car to Welly wreckers is the way to go. We offer the following cash for car services in Whitby:

    • Quickly evaluate the unwanted vehicle
    • Quote a decent price for the vehicle over the phone
    • Guarantee the quoted price
    • Take care of all paperwork

    And the whole transaction can be taken care of in just one day in the Whitby area!

    Junk Cars Whitby


    • WE BUY ALL CARS – USED, TOTALED, JUNK: 100’s of people trust Welly wreckers each month in Porirua to be their car buyer for makes and models of all varieties and conditions because we make selling a car absolutely pain free.

    • INSTANT, GUARANTEED CASH OFFERS BY PHONE & ONLINE: Call 0800 429 227 to speak to a local rep or use our simple online interface to get your offer for your car that you can accept. Either way, selling a car in Porirua couldn’t be easier!
    • QUICK SERVICE – GET PAID UP TO $9,000 TODAY: From the moment you receive your quote up until your car is removed and a check is in your hand the Welly have got your back & will simply get the job done. Most transactions occur same day or within 48 hours.

    All About Our Cash for Junk Cars Whitby Service

    Welly wreckers deals on cash for cars. We pay you instantly for the following types of vehicles:

    • Nice cars
    • Damaged cars
    • Write-off cars
    • Non-running Vehicles
    • Wreck cars

    You can contact us by phone or online, and we will book an immediate appointment for the inspection of your car anywhere in Wellington Region. After free car valuation, you get paid for your car instantly.

    We then take it over from here and handle all the necessary documentation and paperwork.

    Why Sell Your Car to Us? 

    Wellington car wreckers are one of the more experienced and knowledgeable junk car removal services in all of Wellington.

    Purchasing cars is our specialty and we promise to save you the headache and frustrations that can come with selling your junk car, scrap truck or SUV in Whitby.

    How You Can Contact Us?

    We offer 24 hours service so you can contact us either by phone or through our website. We will respond to you instantly and have our representative find out your location in Whitby and schedule an appointment with you. Our Junk Cars Whitby representative then gets to your area that same day for inspection and purchase. You can visit the contact to find out more about how to reach us.

    Our auto wrecking facilities in New Zealand:

    Junk Cars Rongotai

    We Purchase All Years, Makes, And Models. Sell Your Car in Rongotai!

    If you’re asking yourself, “Where should I sell my car in Wellington International Airport?” Welly Wreckers has your solution. As a Wellington local alternative to used-car other retailers, we provide the entire Wellington and surrounding area with a place to get cash for cars and receive top dollar. With fairly priced offers, selling a car couldn’t be any easier than with Wellington car wreckers. There is no obligation to purchase anything, No waiting for car buyers to come to your house, and No waiting for buyers to come up with the cash. We make it fast and easy! Our process can have cash in your hand in as quick as 30 minutes.

    We also give cash when you sell your  Van, Crossover, wreck Truck and commercial vehicle throughout Wellington and the surrounding areas. We’ll even pay you top dollar for your hail damaged vehicle. Don’t wait any longer to get cash for your car – contact us at 0800 429 227 today.

    Here’s How Simple And Easy Junk Cars Rongotai Works?

    Junk Cars Rongotai

    1. Get an instant Junk Cars Brisbane City quote by calling 0800 429 227.

    2. Schedule an appointment for a pick-up.

    3. Get paid up to $12,900 cash money on the spot. It’s that simple and easy.

    How Much Can I Get When I Sell My Car?

    When evaluating salvage cars, damaged cars and everything in between, Welly wreckers use an in-depth car valuation. We compare your vehicle to our vast database of similar makes and models. Then, we determine your vehicle’s maximum offer value by pinpointing each damage aspect. Overall, we look at:

    • Your vehicle’s make and model
    • Your vehicle’s mechanical condition
    • Your vehicle’s overall damage

    Junk Car Removal Wellington

    Junk car removal is simple and always free. Just call 0800 429 227 and one of our highly trained operators will set an appointment for your vehicle to be removed.

    Cash for Cars Wellington Locations

    Helpful Information

    Junk Cars Bulls

    Want to Sell your Unwanted Car for Cash in Bulls? The Welly Wreckers can Help.

    1.  We pay cash for junk cars in Bulls and give instant offers up to $17,000!
    2.  We can often buy unwanted cars with NO WOF in Bulls, Rangitikei.
    3.  We provide the fastest cash for damaged car service in Bulls.

    Junk Cars Bulls

    Do you have an old car that’s just crowding your driveway? Even one that’s not running? Why deal with the eye-sore when you can turn your problem into cash instead? That’s what you can do with Welly wreckers! As our name implies, you call us and we’ll give you money for your old vehicles. Yes, really! It’s that simple. We’re the King of cash for junk cars in Rangitikei!

    We’re One of The Top Junk Car Buyers in Bulls

    Our company is a car buyer situated in Wellington. This elite car buyer offers unmatched prices with friendly staff services that is simply a joy to work with. Garnering decades worth of experience and thousands of completed projects, we are one of the finest service providers in the entire District of Rangitikei.

    Whether you want to sell a mid-used vehicle in working condition or a worn-out machine that’s barely running, we cater to all possible needs and circumstances. They pay good money for cars with moderate to severe damage, lost parts, and those that are impossible to fix. Clients can benefit from our car removal services in several ways.

    How do I start the process in Bulls?

    1. Call us at 0800 429 227 or use our online system for a free, no-hassle quote.
    2. We will ask you a few questions about your car to prepare the most honest quote.
    3. If you’d like to move forward with the process, we will schedule a drop-off or a free tow.
    4. Receive your on-the-spot cash. No tricks. No gimmicks.

    To Get Started Simple Call 0800 429 227

    What Kind of Vehicles Do We Buy? 

    We buy cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans, and vehicle of all years makes and models in Bulls. Whether you have an older car or you are just want to convert your used vehicle for cash quickly, we are a one-stop

    How Much Will We Pay for your Vehicle?

    We assess each vehicle individually so that we can give you the highest payout possible. Just complete our Quote Form and get the process started with no-obligation.

    When Do I Get Paid?

    We provide cash for your car the same day that we pick it up. Cash payments can be made via hard cash in hand or online banking or we can send a check with Tow driver who will pick up your vehicle.

    Are There Any Hidden Charges?

    Absolutely not. We handle each stage of the process for you and have your car picked-up by our professional towing service at no cost to you. You pay nothing!

    Do you charge for Junk Car Removal?

    No, we remove Junk Cars Bulls for free. In fact, we pay cash for cars, so you’ll be walking away with money for your unwanted vehicle. Never worry about having to pay for towing, it’s always free with us.

    Can I Sell my Junk Cars Bulls without a Title?

    It depends on several circumstances. In order to figure that out it is best you call one of our team members. They will gladly answer any and all information in regard to selling your truck.

    If you are looking for a company to sell your car to call us today. We buy cars in any condition running or not. We are open seven days a week to service you.

    Our auto wrecking facilities in New Zealand:

    Jaguar Recyclers

    Jaguar Wrecking Yard Wellington

    Wellington wreckers is more than just auto salvage yard for Jaguars! We have access to several other used parts suppliers across New Zealand. We specialize in hard to find used salvage Jaguar parts and we stock thousands of new, used, rebuilt and discontinued parts for your model Jaguar. Our wrecking yards have thousands of cars that have been purchased by previous owners, insurance auctions, and from other wrecking yards. Welly wreckers has access to the very best supply of quality, used tested parts for your model Jaguar.

    Whether it be a classic E-type or the very latest Jaguar XJ, XK, XE or XF, Paradise Garage have the technology, resources and knowledge to maintain your Jaguar in the very best condition.

    Jaguar Recyclers

    Turn that Jaguar into cash!

    Sell your Unwanted Jaguar

    We’d like to take that Jaguar off your hands. No mucking around, or hassles. We just ask for a bit of information about your Jaguar, and provide you with an instant offer. If you like what you see, we’ll pay you on the spot, and tow your car for free.

    • Jaguar F-Type
    • Jaguar S Type
    • Jaguar X Type
    • Jaguar XE
    • Jaguar XF
    • Jaguar XJ
    • Jaguar XK

    What’s my Jaguar Worth?

    We’ll give you a fair market offer for your Jaguar in any condition. We buy Jaguars with major mechanical issues, totaled, or with body damageGet your guaranteed offer for your Jaguar now.

    New, Used & Reconditioned Jaguar Spare Parts Specialists

    At Welly wreckers we can source your spare parts be they new, genuine, after market, second-hand or reconditioned.

    XJR X308 (V8), X308’s, XJR X300, X300’s, XJ40 3.6 4.0

    S-Type (New & Old), X-Type (3.0ltr, 2.5ltr & 2.1ltr),

    XJS (All models), XJ6 & XJ12 (All models),

    Mk2 & Daimler 250, 420, Mk10 & 420 G

    E-Type (All models limited)

    Our huge network of local, interstate and overseas suppliers means we can have your parts shipped and delivered to your door or ours cheaper than you’d get retail.

    Most parts sourced locally and New Zealand wide can be ready for a next day delivery.

    Supply us with your spare parts request and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and we’ll use our network to get you the best prices.

    Junk Cars Pukerua Bay


    If you are looking to turn your old unwanted car into cold hard cash then contact Welly wreckers. From rusted trucks to abandoned farm equipment, Welly wreckers will buy your Junk Cars Pukerua Bay and put money in your pocket. No title? No problem. Wellington auto wreckers know what it takes to remove eyesores from your property and give you some cash in the process.Junk Cars Pukerua Bay

    Need to sell a car in Wellington region but just don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling online or the low offers from big dealerships? Welly wreckers is here to help! Our promise is simple. We will do everything in our power to make selling your vehicle a positive experience, and you can be sure that we will offer you a fair price for your car, even if it doesn’t even run. We want to offer cash for cars no matter what condition they are in. We buy . . .

    • Old and used cars
    • Cars with accidental damage
    • Cars with WOF condition
    • Even junk cars that don’t run


    Quick Cash for Your Car

    We pay cash for any make or model. We also purchase other vehicles much more than before.

    In the past it could be such a hassle to sell your car. Not any more. Welly wreckers are the fastest way to sell your car in Pukerua, period. We are equipped to quickly get to you and get you taken care of. We are finished with most transactions within 30 minutes. If you want to sell your car quickly, you have come to the right place.

    Why Choose Welly Wreckers?

    • In Business Since Early 2000
    • We Pay Instant Top-Dollar Cash
    • We Buy All Makes & Models in Any Condition
    • Same Day Pick Up
    • Reliable, Fast & Free Towing
    • We Are Available 24/7


    1. Do you buy vehicles that are damaged or missing parts? Absolutely, we make offers on vehicles in all conditions! Go ahead and request an offer, and we will see what we can do for you.
    2. What paperwork is required to sell my vehicle? All you need is a valid, unexpired form of government-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and a ownership title for your vehicle.
    3. Where can I find my vin? VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, and is a unique serial number for your vehicle – You can typically find the VIN stamped onto a small metal plate which is affixed to your vehicle, or etched/engraved onto an area of the car. There are 4 typical locations for your VIN. The first two VIN locations which are the most common, are on top of the dash on the driver’s side (usually stamped onto a small metal plate visible through the windshield), and on the driver’s side door frame near the latch. The other two locations which you might find the VIN are stamped/etched onto the front of the engine block (under the hood), or on the frame near the front driver’s side of the vehicle (sometimes visible through the wheel well).
    4. How long does the process take? The whole process is quick, easy, and generally takes about 30 minutes.  After we have reviewed your submission and spoken to you via phone or email, we will arrange a time to meet that works for your schedule. When we meet, we will perform a basic inspection to make sure the vehicle is in the condition as previously described, and we may perform a short test drive of the vehicle. Once approved, we will fill out the necessary paperwork and get you your cash on the spot!

    We Service Wellington Areas 

    We service all Wellington region areas! Some of the neighborhoods we service are:

    To find out what your car is worth call 0800 429 227 or click here to request a quote for your Junk Cars Pukerua Bay today.