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Quality 2nd Hand Mag Wheels  Store in Lower Hutt

Used Wheels & TyresWhether you want to replace a damaged rim, upgrade to a set of mag wheels or just want something for the trailer Wellington wreckers can usually help you.
Most of what we have is for passenger cars up to 18″ but feel free to ask by phone or the contact form below if you are looking for anything specific.

It is important to get the measurements right before buying a wheel for your car & the key stats are:

  1. Rim Size – The diameter of the wheel at the bead seat (inches)
  2. Width – The distance from the inner & outer bead seat (inches)
  3. PCD – The number of studs & the distance between them (MM)
  4. Offset – Ho far the inside edge of the rim sits inside the arch (MM)

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Affordable Tyres Wellington

used tyres wheels christchurchWe have a good range of 2nd hand tyres on hand. These are mainly for passenger vehicles but the occasional 4×4 tyre does come our way. Please call us or use the contact form below to enquire on current available sizes.

In order to assist us please tell us the full size & rating info. This will be found on the side of the tyre eg, 190/55/R15. The last code is the rating & you must have tyres with a matching rating on both sides of the axle in order to make the car warrantable.

At Wellington Used Wheels & Tyres, we carry a wide selection of quality used tires in various makes and sizes. Our belief is that our clients should not have to sacrifice quality when choosing tires on a budget for their vehicle. Furthermore; in contrast with most companies who sell used tires, we are proud to inform you that all of our used tires come with free installation.

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