Car Removal Makara


Looking to get car removal service with top cash for your car in Makara? Then calling Wellington car wrecker is the best solution. You can call Car Removal Makara team to get rid your unwanted old car, truck van, ute, 4×4, SUV and get up to $9999 cash in return.

We remove your car safely and quickly, Our team will take care of the paperwork and payment.

Car Removal Makara

No matter what time of the day you call or how far you maybe we can always get rid of your car by calling 0800 429 227. Our Car Removal Makara team will fill up the required form and provide you with a copy, so later on you can cancel the registration.

Turn your broken down, damaged or even just outdated cars into cash quickly and easily. We give you a great way to turn your car into cash that you need with top cash quote offers. We also provide car removal completely free. Full service, fast cash and your total satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us today to request a car for cash removal quote, book a pick up or get more information for your area. Welly wrecker is your most reliable and trustworthy option in Maraka locality when looking for highest instant cash payouts for your old junk car guaranteeing safe and efficient handling for them after collection as well.


We can remove your car & Pay cash as fast as an hour!

car wreckers Melbourne

We are proud to offer car removals service for all types of vehicles including:

  • Fast Cash Old Car
  • Scrap Car Removal
  • Unwanted Car Removal
  • Junk Truck Removal
  • Cash for car removal
  • Wrecked Car Removal
  • Accident Car Removal
  • Damaged Car Removal
  • Broken Car Removal


The  Car Removal Makara team offers instant cash for cars services with no certain limitation or preference for any types and makes of vehicles. Cars, Utes, Trucks, Wreck Buses, SUVs and many more types of vehicles from all makes with all models like:

all above car models are accepted with our removal services as long as you can provide the above mentioned documents for them.

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  • Upto $9900 Paid Cash on the spot for Cars
  • Free pick-up of vehicles incl. Junk, Scrap, Unwanted, Old and damaged.
  • $9900+ Paid for Commercials Vehicles incl. Van Utes, Trucks
  • We service all areas of Wellington region
  • Collects vehicles 24 hours a day
  • Provides all the paperwork

Cash for Cars Seatoun

What’s the best way to scrap my car for cash and get it collected in Seatoun 6022

When it comes to scrapping your car and your in Seatoun suburb, how do you know you’re getting the best collection service, the best price and value for money? There’s no shortage of scrap car breakers to choose from in Wellington when it comes to getting rid of your beloved vehicle, but it can be hard to weed out concrete guarantees of quality. That’s what we’re here for!

Cash for Cars Seatoun

How can WELLY save you time and money on scrapping your car for cash?

With a network of trusted car wreckers spanning the whole of New Zealand, Welly wreckers use only fully regulated auto recycling facility to handle, re-purpose or dispose of your car. Our focus is you when you say “Cash for Cars Seatoun“, and we make full use of our network (one of the biggest of its kind in Wellington), so that we’ll always be able to recommend a trusted, quality dealer right on your doorstep. Value for your cash is another one of our core aims, and we’ll always make sure you get the best deal possible.


Why not avoid the stress of advertising, viewings and paperwork. Just give Cash for Cars Seatoun team a call or visit our website and we’ll give you not only an instant car valuation but cash and collection within the hour with no hidden admin fees!

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I’m ready to scrap my car for cash and arrange collection, what should I do get a quote?

It’s easy! Just enter your car details and postcode on our website to instantly get a scrap car quote, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to arrange a time and date for collection that’s convenient for you. We’ll pop round to pick it up, completely free of charge, and have the money to you promptly. It couldn’t be simpler, as our many happy customers will tell you.

Our Scrap Car Yard Seaview is open for drop-off and dismantling six days a week. Alternatively, we offer a same day collection service for your scrap vehicles.

Wrecked Cars Wanted Wellington

Welcome to Welly Wreckers (Wrecked Cars Wanted Wellington).

Wrecked Cars Wanted Wellington

Welly wreckers buy your wrecked cars and scrap trucks of all shapes and sizes with a minimum of fuss or hassle. We offer unbeatable cash prices and a free car collection service, making this the easiest way to dispose of a wrecked vehicle as quickly as possible. Whether your car has broken down, been damaged in an accident or failed its WOF, our Wrecked Cars Wanted Wellington can offer you an amazing price and free Wellington collection.

If you’re looking for a Wrecked Cars Wanted Wellington services, you’ve certainly landed in the right place.Here at Wellington car wrecker, we make scrapping your car quick, easy, and hassle free. Offering a free collection service in Wellington and absolutely no hidden charges, we will help you to cash for your scrap or damaged vehicle.

How to my damaged vehicle?

  1. Tell us about the vehicle and its overall condition
  2. Supply your contact details
  3. Receive a FREE no obligation quote
  4. Accept our offer and agree a date for car removal
  5. We arrange collection from anywhere in the Wellington for FREE
  6. Instant Cash or Bank Transfer as we buy your wrecked car

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What happens when you buy my wrecked car?

When we buy your wrecked vehicle there are many factors we take into consideration. Is the car running or non running?, the age and the model… Regardless of the issue with your vehicle we would certainly like to offer you cash for car it as we buy any wrecked car or wreck truck. This includes Engine Faults, Timing chains, Transmission issues etc.. 

So for a quick and easy way to sell your car to auto wreckers in Wellington at a truly competitive price, look no further than WELLYWRECKERS. We are one of the leading wrecked car buyers in Wellington. Our Wellington car buying and collection service allows you to sell your wreck or non running vehicle in total confidence.

Other Wellington locations 

Our most popular Wellington scrap car collection areas include:

We work with a huge range of professional auto buyers throughout New ZealandContact us for a quick, hassle free collection anywhere in Wellington. Here are some of our larger New Zealand partners.

Scrap Cars Information Wellington


If you’re looking for a cash for cars service in Wellington, you’ve certainly landed on the right website. Here at Welly wreckers, we make wrecking unwanted vehicle for cash quick, easy, and hassle free process. Offering a free car removal service in Wellington and absolutely no hidden charges, we will help you to compare over dozens of scrap car dealers that are keen to purchase your scrap or damaged vehicle.Scrap Cars Information Wellington

  • All Wellington Suburbs and Surrounding Towns
  • Top Cash Prices
  • Well Established Auto Buyer Network
  • Free Car Collection


car wreckers Brisbane

Over the past 15 years, we have developed a unique wrecking car for cash approach and auto trade in service. All you have to do to sell your car online is enter your unwanted vehicle and contact details on the website main page, and we will give you a fair valuation for your car.


You will be able to compare professional car wreckers in Wellington and across the Wellington region (PoriruaLevinParaparaumuKapiti and Wairarapa), in order to find the best offer for your scrap or damaged vehicle. We have worked hard to make the entire process as seamless as possible, and always go that extra mile to ensure that our service offers all of our customers a great experience.

Dedicated to delivering an outstanding level of service, at every stage of the process, we consistently monitor pricing and performance levels.

Our cash for cars team is always on hand to answer any of your questions and because our car buyers guarantee all of their prices, the price you are offered is what you will get paid.

Whether you’re looking for a scrap collection service in Perth, or you want to dispose of your damaged car in Wellington, check out our comparison service today – get the best deal for your vehicle and enjoy free collection on a time and day that works for you.

Scrap Cars Information Wellington Updates: Customers’ Say

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Wellington customers found us on the internet for auto wreckers near me, and found our service was one to recommend!

Customer A, owner of a 2011 Honda Civic and based in Petone, decided that he wouldn’t bother looking for local truck salvage companies, just did an internet search.

“Sold my Sedan Honda to Welly wreckers, for more than other scrappers offers. Very simple process,. More Money and i left with a check in about 30 minutes. What a splendid service!!!!!!!!!!!.” T. Shannon. Wellington

Customer B had a 2007 Volkswagen Touareg that he wanted to wreck.

“Fantastic deal for my wagon. Vakili paid me $5000.00 more than other auto salvage companies offered. Very efficient and very knowledgeable. Quick and simple deal!!!!!!!! I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!”.Brent H. Porirua


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Our most popular New Zealand scrap car collection areas include

We work with a huge range of professional buyers throughout Wellington region. Contact us for a quick, hassle free collection anywhere in Wellington.

Our Scrap Car Yard Seaview is open for drop-off and dismantling six days a week. Alternatively, we offer a same day collection service for your scrap vehicles.

Car Collection Wellington

Get Your Salvage Car Collected The Easy Way in Wellington

Have your car collected from work, home, or wherever’s best for you! After you’ve accepted a quote for your car, your local Car Collection Wellington branch will contact you to arrange a convenient time and date to collect your unwanted car, and answer any questions you have.

A Network Of New Zealand National Buyers Are Looking for Salvage Vehicles, Non Runners, WOF Failures and Scrap Cars.

Car Collection Wellington

Welly wreckers aim to make Car Collection Wellington as simple as possible for our customers, which is why every vehicle collection is arranged on a date which is mutually convenient regardless of whether the vehicle is purchased for car buyers or car wreckers in Wellington. We’ve had dozen of questions regarding collections and you can read our answers to the most common ones below.

Where Can You Collect From?

Unwanted car for cash near me is one of the questions we get asked the most. The local Car Collection Wellington across Wellington region, can collect from almost anywhere as long as the vehicle is accessible for a recovery vehicle. So whether your vehicle is stored at a friend or family members house, at work or in a storage compound, they can collect it.

We operate from premises in the Lower Hutt area and will buy cars throughout Wellington region (Wellington cityPoriruaLevinParaparaumuKapiti and Wairarapa).

My Car Is Still At The Scene Of An Accident, Can You Collect It?

Unfortunately not. Whilst the Car Collection Wellington can retrieve vehicles from a variety of locations they do not operate in roadside assistance and therefore cannot collect vehicles from the scene of an accident.

My Car Is Not At My Home Address.

That’s ok! Our Car Collection Wellington can pick up vehicles from a multitude of locations. Just be sure to enter the vehicle’s postcode at the quote stage when you enter your vehicle’s details so that we can ensure that we contact relevant cash for car buyers who operate in your vehicle’s location.

Is Car Collection Wellington Free?

Yes. All of Car Collection Wellington on our network operate with free collections as standard and so the price you are quoted for your vehicle, is the price you will receive, subject to inspection.

Does My Car Have To Be On A Public Road?

No, however it does need to be on stable ground which is accessible for a recovery vehicle. If your car is kept elsewhere or in a particularly difficult location please ensure that we are aware so that we can advise the truck driver of your vehicle to bring the right recovery equipment to retrieve it.

What Is My Collection Reference Number?

Your reference number will be the registration number of the vehicle you are selling.

cash for cars Brisbane

Do I Need To Be Present At The Time Of Collection?

No. As long as someone’s there at the time of collection then the collector can retrieve your vehicle. The person present doesn’t have to be the registered keeper or the legal owner of the vehicle, but they will need a signed note from the vehicle owner to state that they are there acting on their behalf together with a form of photo ID (passport or driving license).

Do You Collect commercial trucks?

Most of truck wreckers on our network collect unwanted trucks however you may need to contact us for the most accurate quote and to see if we have any cash for trucks buyer in your area.

How Soon Can You Collect My Car?

Once you have accepted a quote for your vehicle we will arrange for the collector to contact you directly. This can take up to 24 hours but is typically the same/next day. Depending on the collector’s availability this can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days, however our Car Collection Wellington aims to tow away the vehicle as soon as possible and will let you know if there are any unusual delays.

I’m Not Happy With The Company Buying My Car.

If you are unhappy at any point please do get in contact by email or calling us on: 0800 429 227. Please ensure when calling that you have your vehicle’s registration number to hand so that we can locate your details.

Car Removal Carterton

Get the best price for your car today!

Do you need a scrap or salvage vehicle collected? Our Car Removal Carterton experts will come to you. The Welly wreckers team covers Carterton, Wairarapa and the whole of Wellington region.

Car Removal Carterton

Whether you need rid of a surplus vehicle in Carterton, a gearbox failure in Carterton, or need a car involved in an accident removed in Carterton; enter the details of the vehicle and one of our Car Removal Carterton collectors will come and collect it – and pay you a great price for it.

Instant cash payment and all NZTA paperwork looked after.

We pride ourselves on our fast efficient and friendly service and will provide you with the best possible assistance in dealing with your car sale.

Welly wreckers pay cash for any car, unlike other companies who expect to be given your car for free, or they’ll pay for your car but charge more for collection. We offer FREE collection for any vehicle.

We aim to make scrapping your car hassle free. We are fully registered with the local authorities and the environment agency to carry out car recycling and all waste materials are disposed of responsibly.

STEP 1: Contact us

Simply fill out the form to the right or call us. The office is open between 8am and 6pm.

STEP 2: Car collection

We will arrange a suitable time to collect your car. Our friendly staff will come an collect the car as well as fill out the relevant NZTA paperwork.

STEP 3: Cash paid

You will be paid cash for your car. We will not be beaten on price. Give us a try!

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The highest payers in Carterton, guaranteed!

Would you like to scrap your car in Carterton? How about getting a great price for scrap car in Carterton? If so, then you have come to the right place! We can provide a very professional scrap car collection service in Carterton. We can collect and uplift your unwanted scrap car and we give everyone good prices for scrap cars in Carterton.

Call us on 0800 429 227

It doesn’t matter where you are, as our Scrap Car Removal Carterton services are also available Nationwide. Contact us today by phone or using our easy online form, and we will offer you a price to buy and uplift the car for you… If you’re happy with our price, you get some money for your scrap car today (in most cases). It’s as easy as that!

Free Scrap Car Removal Carterton

We can pickup scrap cars, unwanted cars, accident damaged cars, WOF failures, & scrap commercial vehicles. We also break down and recycle your vehicle in the legal way, filling out all of the required NZTA paperwork. Even if your car has no WOF, TAX, or the vehicle is damaged. We want to buy it from you. We are the No1 choice for Scrap Car Services, Scrap Car Collection, Car Removal Carterton. Contact us today if you want money for your old car and leave the scrap cars collections services to us.

Find your nearest scrap car agent services in New Zealand:

Scrap Cars Khandallah

Finding the best deal on scrapping your car for cash in Khandallah 6035

So, the time has come. I need to scrap my car, you finally realize! Your beloved old vehicle has broken down for the last time, and now you’re looking to get the best price, the best service and the best value for money for scrapping your car. Where do you start looking in Khandallah suburb?

To answer your question – right here! At Wellington wreckers, we are an organisation of strong principles, and as the customer you are at the very heart of them. Every member of our Scrap Cars Khandallah team is fully committed to helping you get the best possible deal on your vehicle, and what’s more, we’ll spare you from all the paperwork in the process and even arrange the collection of your vehicle.

Khandallah Free Vehicle Collection

Even if your Khandallah based vehicle has little value, many agents will still remove for free.

  • Broken down on Khandallah roads?
  • Has no WOF or registration
  • Had an accident in Khandallah?

Scrapping your car, van or truck, will always include an agent visiting your local Khandallah location, saving you time and money.

Best Price For Scrap Cars Khandallah

When comparing best prices offered for Scrap Cars Khandallah, today getting several quotes is the answer. The demand in Khandallah for each individual model of automobile, defines the actual quote you will be offered. Greater demand in Khandallah will give a better price.

Why should I choose Welly wreckers to scrap my car?

With over 20 years of experience behind us, we’ve spent a lot of that time building up a trusted network of scrap car breakers with auto wreckers all over New Zealand. What does this mean for you? Well, by choosing us, we can guarantee not only a quality service from our Scrap Cars Khandallah dealers, but also we’ll be able to recommend one right on your doorstep in Khandallah, saving you the time and energy of google out to find one elsewhere.

Find your nearest scrap car agent services in New Zealand:

Sound good? Get started with a scrap car quote and arrange collection today!

Simply fill in a few details on our website to immediately request a scrap car quote. The next step is for us to chat with you about when’s best to pick up your car. We’ll pay you on collection, and then we’ll take care of the rest. Meanwhile, you get to go back inside with some extra cash in your pocket, and some feel-good vibes to go with it. What could be better?

Scrap Car Yard Seaview

Customers’ Favorite Scrap Car Yard Seaview, Wellington

Scrap Car Yard Seaview

Are you looking to scrap your car? If so, you have come to the right place! With Scrap Car Yard Seaview, you can enter your car details into our website, receive a quote and if you’re happy with the offer, accept it and we will simply pay you your money and pick the vehicle up to take it out of your hands. Our Wellington cash for cars service is reliable, cost-effective and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best car valuation for their vehicle.

At Wellington wreckers, we like to see our Seaview customers happy and that’s why we operate 6 days a week, so any queries and questions you have, however major or minor, feel free to contact us at any time.

Welly Wreckers have been established in Seaview for over 10 years.

car wreckers Perth

We offer a complete recovery service for scrap cars, vans and other end of life vehicles. We also deal in second hand car parts of all makes and models.
As a family business, we pride ourselves on our expertise and our friendly, helpful service. Welly Wreckers come recommended by garages, private and business customers all over Wellington region.

Our Scrap Car Yard Seaview is open for drop-off and dismantling six days a week. Alternatively, we offer a same day collection service for your scrap vehicles.

Why Choose Welly Wreckers to Scrap Your Car?

car wreckers Laverton Melbourne

There is no doubt that one time in your life, you have had a car gathering dust, taking up space on your drive – as a team at Scrap Car Yard Seaview, we like to ensure the process of scrapping your car is as hassle-free as possible. We offer our services in all locations around Wellington cityPoriruaLevinParaparaumuKapiti, and Wairarapa. so if you’re interested in receiving cash for your car – request a free instant quote.

If you have been thinking about scrapping your car for a while now but can’t quite justify getting rid of your first ever car, you will when you realize that we give you the best price in the Seaview area! Also, if you have a vehicle which no longer runs efficiently, is beginning to fail WOF’s and is becoming unreliable – then the expense of continuing to run the car will begin to increase and you will no longer feel the need to keep running your precious car!  In the long run, you will be saving money and will have received cash from us allowing you to put it towards a deposit for a newer car!

Interested in Scrapping Your Car in Seaview?

Scrapping your car has never been easier than with Scrap Car Yard Seaview, interested in our scrap car collection service? Then request a free instant quote or give us a call on 0800 429 227 and we will ensure you receive our free estimate for your car in no time and give you cash for your car.

Japanese Car Breakers Wellington

Japanese Car Salvage Wellington


toyota wreckers Sydney Hilux


Toyota is a leading Japanese car manufacturer. Are you keeping the any sort of old, junk, broken or damaged Toyota vehicle that you want to get rid of for good cash?

  • Toyota wrecking: Corolla, Estima, Prius, Yaris, Camry, Hiace, Townace, Hilux…


Honda wreckers Brisbane

Do you have a Honda in your back yard, taking up space in your garage? Or maybe you have a brand new one, and you simply are not happy with it. It doesn’t matter. We will happily buy it from you. It could be a Civic or Honda Jazz. It could be a Honda Legend, or an Odyssey, it could even be a Honda Fit, Honda City, Honda CRV. The list goes on. We will buy all of them.


Mazda wreckers Sydney


We Wreck Mazda vehicles and pay up to $19000 cash for all Mazda models + any make- cars, trucks, Utes and vans. We buy a Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, and Mazda CX-5


nissan wreckers Auckland


We buy all major Nissan auto models like Nissan Pathfinder, Frontier, Navara, Juke, Cube, Maxima, Titan, Diesel etc. Get in touch with Japanese Car Breakers Wellington team.


Mitsubishi truck wreckers Melbourne


Get the FREE estimation for the world’s soundest machine. We buy all Mitsubishi models like Mitsubishi ASX, Lancer, Mirage, Outlander, Galant, Colt, Pajero and Triton etc.


Subaru wreckers melbourne


Subaru is another example of successful Japanese cars in New Zealand. No doubt, you can make good money out of Junk or scrapped Subaru vehicles. We buy Subaru Forster, Impreza, Tribeca, Legacy, Outback and WRX etc. Get in touch with Lower Hutt car wreckers.


isuzu truck wreckers Perth


Wellington wreckers salvage most of Isuzu 4×4’s models like Isuzu Trooper, Pickup, D-MAX, Giga, MU-X and F Series etc. We are most responsive Isuzu Wreckers services.


cash for cars Brisbane


Sell your old Suzuki to Japanese Car Breakers Wellington and make top cash. We purchase all popular models like Suzuki Swift, Baleno, SX4, Vitara, Kizashi, Alto, Ignis, Jimny and S-Cross etc.


Lexus is the luxury Japanese automaker brand. You can get the maximum cash from this brand. We deal with Lexus LS, CT, RX, NX, ES, GS, RC, GX on a daily basis.

So why not contact Japanese Car Breakers Wellington today or send us an online inquiry to let us know about your requirements, we are sure that you ‘ll be impressed with our efficient, no-hassles service and our quality end products.

Find your nearest Japanese auto salvage services in New Zealand:

Ute Wreckers Wellington

Selling Unwanted/Damaged Pickup Utes in Wellington

Best Salvage Utes in Wellington

1 .Volkswagen Amarok Wrecking

Volkswagen wreckers Wellington

Volkswagen’s popularity in New Zealand means the demand for genuine VW parts is high. We at Ute Wreckers Wellington are the perfect source to find all of your Amarok parts. We know how difficult it can be at times to get your hands on parts for cars as popular as Volkswagen Amarok. VW wreckers have the biggest range of quality Volkswagen parts in New Zealand.

We Buy Unwanted/Scrap Volkswagen Cars in Sydney: Call 0800 429 227.

2. Ford Ranger Wrecking

ford wreckers Auckland

Are you the owner of an old and used Ranger? Are looking for Ford Dismantlers Wellington to take it off your hands for a good price? Welcome to Wellington car wreckers, your provider of Ford Ranger wrecking services in Wellington. We are serving clients across New South Wales region since 2005. Our services are extended to cover most areas including: Wellington cityPoriruaLevinParaparaumuKapiti, and Wairarapa. and have been providing safe, reliable and quick response car removal services.

3. Mazda BT-50 Wrecking

mazda wreckers Auckland

Our primary goal at Mazda Dismantlers Wellington is complete customer satisfaction. We promise you that when you come to us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality used BT-50 truck parts at the best affordable price.

4. Toyota Hilux Wrecking

We will pay you up to $19000 for your Toyota Hilux ute, 4WD or light commercial vehicle in any condition. Our Toyota wreckers guy will pick up your van from anywhere in Wellington for free and pay you cash on pick up

5. Nissan Navara Wrecking

nissan wreckers Auckland

Ute Truck Wreckers offer completely free removal services for Nissan vehicles throughout the New South Wales region. You can book our Nissan dismantlers team by calling us on 0800 429 227, filling out the from on the right. We offer the same free car valuation for all other manufactures as well.

6. Mitsubishi Triton Wrecking

Mitsubishi wreckers Christchurch

Our Mitsubishi Wreckers Wellington pay cash for just about any Triton truck – no matter what model or condition. We also offer free removal from anywhere in greater Wellington. We buy any  Mitsubishi Triton models, dead or alive trucks, utes and 4WD. We will buy your Triton vehicle whether it’s registered or not, running or not, wrecked or rusted away or even if it’s been in an accident.

7. Holden Colorado Wrecking

Holden wreckers Auckland

NSW wreckers have been in the business of dismantling Holden utes since mid 2000s. We have built up an extensive database of information with a huge range of Holden Colorado parts in stock. We an established Holden dismantler with a history of stocking spare parts.

8. Isuzu D-Max Wrecking

Isuzu wreckers Melbourne

As we are the top car buyers in Wellington. We don’t turn up our noses at any Isuzu D-Max models. In fact, we have adequate resources and knowledgeable auto specialists to wreck and recycle all of them. No matter if they are junk, scrap, damaged, not-roadworthy burnt or simply totaled. This is why we are the most recognizable truck wreckers in Wellington.